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TGLP 016: Top Ten Ways To Be A Great Leader

Hans Finzel is a successful author, mentor, speaker and trusted authority in the field of leadership. Hans has trained leaders internationally on five continents. He and Donna founded HDLeaders in 2012 where he serves as President.  Prior to that, Hans completed twenty years as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture.

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3 Insights From This Episode

1.Great Leaders Are Vulnerable

Vulnerability and leadership do not typically go hand-in-hand, but being a vulnerable leader is one of the keys to becoming a great leader. Being vulnerable to those you lead changes how they view you.

 A vulnerable leader gains trust.

 Vulnerability opens communication.

 One of the ways you can start becoming a more vulnerable leader is by learning more about emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence will help you understand how you feel and how you express yourself to others.

 2.Become A Learning Leader

Become a learning leader.

 Be open to your blind spots by growing in emotional intelligence.

 Your people skills are just as important as your professional skills.

3.Give Back To Those You Lead

 A big priority of a leader is to give back to people you lead.

Be a leader who gives more than you take.

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A big priority of a leader is to give back to people. @hansfinzel

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Your people skills are just as important as your professional skills. @hansfinzel

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As a leader, there is power in being vulnerable to those you lead. @hansfinzel

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