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Have you ever thought it would be amazing to sit down and have a conversation about your life with the best leaders in the world? Now you can with by listening to my podcast.

By subscribing to the show, you will have the opportunity to learn life lessons and leadership principles from some of the most successful leaders in the world. You will hear from leaders like best-selling author, Carey Nieuwhof, Mark Sanborn, Danielle Strickland, Dan Rockwell, Steve Cockram, Tim Elmore, Lee Cockerell, Brian Dodd, Chris Voss, Daniel Shapiro, Joe Calloway, Aaron Walker, Tim Sanders, Mike Abrashoff, Randy Pennington and more.

The goal of all of this is to help you live the greater life in your health, family, work, and home.

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Listeners Reviews

“This is a must listen for anyone wanting to be encouraged and strengthened in their leadership growth and development.”

– JHalp via iTunes

“I’ve never seen myself as much of a “leader” so to speak. But after hearing these podcasts it’s change my way of thinking. I believe the host really has a heart to help others grow and it shows.

-FGL freak via iTunes

“This is truly a life altering podcast with a fantastic message that everyone should hear.”

-Andrew Gilder via iTunes

“I love to listen to incredible content to help me grow as a leader. This podcast is top on my list. Not only is each episode great, but the website also has awesome content that I can take back and use immediately. I you haven’t already, check it. You won’t be disappointed.”

-AliceKayKay via iTunes

“Great material that can be applied to strengthen and guide leaders to excel in all areas! Smooth interaction between the host and speakers! E+R=O is a great formula!”

-TonyGeist via iTunes

“So many great and different perspectives! Thank you for the leadership. I have already shared several of the episodes with friends and family. Its definitely worth your time!

-A fellow learner via iTunes

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TGLP 040: The Art Of Connection

By | August 28th, 2018|Categories: episodes, shownotes|

Baya teaches people how to improve their relationships. Baya has spent the past decade studying relationships and human connection through Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Body Language. She is a