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TGLP 001: How Passion In Your Work And Life Can Turn The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Mark is the author of eight books, including the bestseller The Fred Factor: How Passion In Your Work and Life Can Turn the ordinary Into the Extraordinary.

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Mark is an international bestselling author and noted expert on leadership, team building, customer service and change.

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3 Insights From This Episode

  1. Self-AwarenessThe drive for you to get better in life starts with self-awareness. You must know who you are. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Once you become more self-aware, you will be able to grow personally and professionally.
  2. Motivation Is An Inside JobThe only person who will keep you motivated in life is you. You must take the responsibility to stay motivated.
  3. Mentorship is not just about investing time, it’s about investing interest.”Who is the person in your life you can come alongside and help? How can you make an impact in their life and set them up for better success?Make the most of the opportunities given to you to help others become the best versions of themselves.

“People today don’t want to be seen as followers, but rather as team members.” -@Mark_Sanborn

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“Without change and growth, life becomes very boring.” – @Mark_Sanborn

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“Status quo is a myth. You’re either getting ahead or falling behind.” -@Mark_Sanborn

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Dan Rockwell was named by Inc. Magazine one of the Top Fifty Leadership and Management Expert and Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers. American Management Association  Top 30 Leader in Business of 2014.

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